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Peter Sanderson

Pete died, aged 84 on October 22nd 2022. He had been among the longest serving plot holders on Barton's allotments until a few years ago when he decided to focus his time on looking after his garden and greenhouse at home. He had cultivated Plot number 57.

He leaves his wife, Joan, son Alan, daughter Jackie, daughter-in-law Julie and grandchildren, Harley, Georgia, Jessica and Luke.  

Pete always enjoyed the annual Horticultural Show and entered homegrown produce every year, usually winning well deserved prizes.  He will be missed by all who knew him.  

Juliet Large

Juliet had Plot 40 which neighbouring plot holders envied for the succulent blackcurrant bush she cultivated. She had been a plot holder for many years, serving on the committee as well as actively involved in running the tombola and assisting the Cookery Judge at the Horticultural Show.  After Juliet retired from the Society she remained in contact by accepting the role of Honorary Vice President.

An elegant, quietly spoken lady who was digging the soil in days when women were rarely seen on the plots.

Juliet died 19th November 2022, aged 86.  She leaves behind her husband Peter; cherished mother to Nicholas, Andrew, Helen and Catherine, grandma to Sienna-Lily, Thomas and Jessica.  A sadly missed friend to many.

Jean Mason

Jean shared a plot with her husband, growing produce to perfection.  Among other plants, Jean had a passion for delphiniums and would willingly share her knowledge with anyone willing to learn.  She joined the committee, eventually taking over from Bob Blackburn as Secretary, initially sharing the role with Sandra Reed-Jennings.  Jean worked tirelessly for the Horticultural Show, encouraging plot holders to sell books of raffle tickets, raising Society funds, year after year.

Jean died after a short illness on 16th Octber 2022, aged 71 years, leaving her husband Keith, sons Mark and Craig, also cherished grandchildren Millie and Poppy. 

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