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Welcome to
Barton upon Humber
Allotment Society


A  Place to Grow

Barton upon Humber Allotment Society was established in 1933. 

It now owns a three and a half acre site overlooking the Humber Bridge.

Our allotments are a unique place to be. Not only can we grow vegetables, fruit and flowers but we have one of the best views across the river and Humber Bridge.

We share our outdoor space, not only with each other, but with all manner of wildlife surrounding it. Birds residing on the Far Ings Nature Reserve frequently demand that our attention shifts from soil to skyline. Sometimes llamas can be seen heading out for exercise down the lane! Occasionally, and quite unexpectedly, we also witness much bigger ‘birds’ flying overhead in formation - the Red Arrows, or perhaps the sight of a Lancaster Bomber.

Our plots offer respite from the stresses of daily life. Both isolated and rehabilitating members can find peace and a sense of tranquility here. Looking after an allotment plot is often harder

work than is imagined, and it requires a serious dedication and commitment, but the rewards are far too numerous to mention.

Ask any plot holder!

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